MAKES (MKS) is the native token fueling the CoinMargin crypto finance platform.

CoinMargin is on a mission to become the leading South-East Asian platform for crypto finance adoption, by specialising in the needs of our local communities.

CoinMargin is built on the core pillars of the crypto economy

Learn your way to financial freedom

CoinMargin is the first crypto finance platform to reward learning and loyalty. Receive MKS token bonuses by taking part in our educational quest programme.


Access the most attractive staking and lending options globally

CoinMargin aggregates all of the leading offerings globally and places them at the fingertips of our SEA community.


Community events and a top of the line partnership system

Take part in sharing knowledge and improving the lives of others. Get rewarded.


Build locally, get funded globally

Best in class Launchpad for the most promising innovators.

The next generation insta-utility token that rewards knowledge and loyalty
Loyalty adjusted fees

Loyalty adjusted fees

The longer you hold MKS tokens, the smaller transaction fees on platform operations

Loyalty adjusted voting

Loyalty adjusted voting

Vote on community projects, events, project listings and more. The longer you hold your MKS, the more your vote counts!

Receive your share of CoinMargin fees

Receive your share of CoinMargin fees

CoinMargin is distributing 30% of all platform fees back to its community in the form of token buy-backs.

MAKES token lending

MAKES token lending

Earn top of the market risk-adjusted returns by lending in MKS

A results-driven token model

The MKS total supply is 200,000,000. Increments of 40,000,000 are unlocked upon completion of roadmap milestones. The unlocked tokens are used for the purposes outlined in the token distribution. The proceeds from tokens sold are used for purposes outlined in the capital allocation.

Token Distribution

Token Distribution

Capital Allocation

Capital Allocation


Jan 2020

Implementation CoinMargin Server-Side System Architecture

Feb 2020

MKS Token Model & Incentive Research

Mar 2020

Preliminary Legal and Compliance Analysis

Apr 2020

CoinMargin Trade Matching Engine Performance Tests

May 2020

CoinMargin System Security Audit & Verification

Jun 2020

CoinMargin System Secure Server Infrastructure Setup

Jul 2020

- MKS and CoinMargin Launch;

- Staking Pools;

Aug 2020

- Partner System Deployment;

- Margin Trading;

- Multilingual Support: CoinMargin translation to local South-East Asian languages;

Sep 2020

- User Support and Educational Framework Setup;

- Start of the Community Voting;

- FIAT Gateway EURO;

- Opening of Vilnius Office in Lithuania;

Oct 2020

- CoinMargin Launchpad Deployment;

- DDK blockchain support for MKS tokens;

- Release of CoinMargin Quests;

- Social / Copy Trading;

- Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPOS) Launch | Master Nodes;

Nov 2020

- MKS Loyalty-Adjusted Voting Implementation;

- Opening of Kuala Lumpur Office in Malaysia;

- South-East Asian local currencies acceptance;

- CoinMargin Events: Kuala Lumpur;

Dec 2020

- Social Event Calendar Introduction;

- CoinMargin Events: Shanghai;

- OMNI Layer Support for MKS tokens;

- Opening of the Lending Dashboard;

- MKS Token Buyback event (every 3 months);

- Yearly Global CoinMargin Hackathon;

Q1 2021

- Introduction of CoinMargin Points: CMP Daily Quests;

- Release of the Crypto Bombshell assets to a Stable Coin;

Q2 2021

- CoinMargin Branded Crypto Cards;

- Stellar blockchain support for MKS tokens;

Q3 2021

- Decentralised Staking Service;

- Addition of Crypto Futures on CoinMargin;

Q4 2021

Full Third-Party System Audit

Q1 2022

Issuance of Crypto Debit Cards

Q2 2022

FIAT Gateway Implementation Covering the Majority of SEA

Q3 2022

Community Education Hubs

Q4 2022

MKS Charity Branch – Support Those in Need

Q1 2023

Lending Services Introduction

Q2 2023

CoinMargin Ranking as 1st Exchange in SEA by Trading Volume

Q3 2023

Community Trading Feature Completion

Q4 2023

Opening of MKS Start-up HUB

Q1 2024

Private-Public Partnerships in SEA

Q2 2024

MKS becomes the no. 1 token in SEA by Market Cap.

Q3 2024

MKStable – MKS Stablecoin

Q4 2024

Compliant Derivatives Trading


CoinMargin TOP 5 exchanges globally by daily trading volume

Token release milestone

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